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My Shop The Ups, Downs, and the LOVE

My Flower Shop The Ups, Downs and the Love

This is a harsh rant that belongs solely to me. Kinda a love note, too.

I am in the floral industry and we have what are called wire services. These consist of ( what the average consumer knows them as) 1800Flowers, Ftd, Teleflora, From You Flowers, and any other outsourced call centers that  are not brick and mortar flower shops with inventory and designers. As a new shop, it is vital to be aligned with at least one of these Satan seeds in order to promote your work. Relying on walk in traffic as a new, unknown florist, in a town that no one knows you, is almost impossible. The wire services lure new, unsuspecting floral shop ownesr in by promising the world, but only to receive approximately 68% of the order value. That doesn't sound half bad, but then you must pay a fee to be aligned with the Devil and fees on top of more fees. So if my shop receives an order for 45.00, you would think I would get at least 30.60, right. NOPE! It takes at least 30 orders at that price to even make 200.00, after fees. You do the math. Well, I will make it easy for you...45.00x30=1350.00... I receive 200.00,( sometimes if I am lucky and we don't get punished for not sending orders through them. Yep, that's right, they punish the shops for not being busy enough, or for having smart customers who know how to use the Internet. I told you they were the Devil.)I may get close to 400.00, but that is highly unlikely.

These are just some of the costs of having a new business. The other is the competition. My competition isn't just your average, "I'll just keep doing my thing", kinda business, it is, "I will set you on fire, rip your guts through you nostrils, and pour gasoline atop you as you scream". kinda business(closely related to the Devil, possibly?). And to think, before I was a business, we were friends. Funny how things work out.

The other thing is your time. Yes, there is no such thing as time off if you have a new business. I knew that from the beginning and was fine with it, actually revelled in it. And then, there were kids. 3 to be exact. I am not in any way upset or discouraged because if it, but it sure does make for interesting days, evenings, and the love of Sundays. Most Sundays any way. We went from an empty nest, to raising our three grandchildren. Wouldn't change it for the world. But boy howdy, are we super freaking busy now.

Ok, so I know you're asking, how the heck do you do it. Well, some days I just don't know. Some days it's all I can do just to be there. And some days, the days that remind you why you have put yourself through every minute of it. Those are the days. The days you see some one smile, or they say, "I always call you, you make me look good", or "That was perfect, it looks like you read my mind." and "You, yes YOU are my favorite!". That is why. The why is because, in the short time I have been in this town, I have managed to run some off, enlighten a few, and gain the best customers and friends any woman could want.This little town ROCKS, and it's because a few of you gave me a chance, and then your friends gave me a chance. All I need is a chance. I know I'm not every one's flavor, but kinda like coffee, I have different blends.

So back to the rant. Please, call your local florist and leave the wire services out of your order. Local vendors are always best.

I love being a business owner, even when it keeps me awake at night. I want everything to be perfect and my expectations are unbelievably high. So on that note, no more ranting, and a little more, get off my ass and start meeting my own expectations. Can't wait to see you guys!

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